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Food Safety 

As a grower, processor, and shipper of agricultural products, DDS Seed Company views food safety as paramount to ensuring that our products are of the absolute highest quality. Our team is committed to ensuring our consumers receive the cleanest and purest commodities possible. 


At DDS Seed Company, we take every precaution we can to protect people from illness or harm from consuming our product. We utilize multiple systems to remove physical hazards and contaminants.

DDS Seed Company is a Primus Food Safety Certified Processing Facility.

Good Food Safety Practices
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We implement global standards and principles as a part of our food safety program, such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HAACP). We regularly measure for compliance against these standards to assure we are providing a quality product.

Business Meeting

We are committed to transparency of our business and safety practices with regulators, customers, vendors, suppliers and consumers.


We hold ourselves accountable for upholding the food safety practices set forth, and we ensure that all employees involved with our operation are trained and value food safety.

Continual Improvement
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Our food safety program is reviewed by management annually, where suggestions for potential improvements are encouraged to be shared. Additionally, as farmers we work diligently year over year to grow the highest quality bean with the end user in mind. 

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